Bending Specialist

Most Silent Gliss tracks and poles can be forward or reverse bent to accommodate the most challenging installations. Advanced techniques such as auto-programmed bending machines ensure maximum gliding efficiency and performance on even the tightest curves.




Highest Quality in Every Curve


Introducing Snake Wave: the curtain track system by Silent Gliss that completely lives up to its name. Falling in waves, the curtain slithers along the curved tracks – smooth, even and silent.

Whether used as an interior window treatment, room divider or design statement, it creates a unique and exclusive look – a room design guaranteed to make waves.

Innovative design


Evenly bent tracks ensure that the curtain fabric falls in harmonious waves. The combination of traditional Swiss premium sewing techniques and precision engineering delivers a truly innovate result – ideal as an interior window treatment, room divider or design statement.

Unique technology

The unique Silent Gliss track-bending technology guarantees silent, smooth curtain movement. The even curves offer an alternative to traditional Wave.