Silent Gliss work with Blinds by Peter Meyer

Premium products supported by a premium distributor

Silent Gliss is the leading supplier of curtain tracks and blinds to the high-end market. It was back in 1952 when our first patent was registered and now over 60 years later, with more than 250 patents we are recognised as a leading brand for window treatments around the world.

Silent Gliss have been present in Australia for 35 years, over this time building a reputation for the highest quality products and service. Our systems have been specified in many prestigious Australian buildings – just recently our motorised roller blinds and curtain tracks were installed in The Sanctuary and Bunurong Memorial Park, Melbourne.

As business technology and infrastructure evolves, so does how we trade. For this reason, Silent Gliss have changed how they will supply the Australian market in the future. We have taken the decision to close our subsidiary company and instead, reach our customers through a distributorship with Blinds by Peter Meyer.

Blinds by Peter Meyer have been manufacturing high quality blinds since 1987. The business has many similarities to Silent Gliss, one being we are both family run businesses. Peter Meyer is run by Peter’s sons - Simon and Damien, who both have worked in the industry for many years.

The next, more important similarity is that of a driving passion for quality. They understand the importance of material and build quality which is backed up by their unparalleled reputation for providing outstanding customer service to the high-end Australian market. We are confident that our Silent Gliss products, brand and customers are in the best hands!